dracula untold

dracula untold

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--- spoiler --- (bkz: they sucked our ancestors) --- spoiler ---


the movie about the resistance of a good couple of parents against the social worker who came to pick up their children.. also (bkz: you said fatih but this is burak kut mate you know)


after the persians, it seems it's time for the ottomans, the movie that makes you say


aside from being a really fucked up movie, it's a movie that i think praises the turks rather than vilifying them. first of all, all turks are very handsome in the movie. armors are awesome. armies are mighty. they are also fearless. the man, with his devil's bottom dracula ass, flashes lightning and crushes a thousand people with one punch, our turks are still going to fuck their mother with a spear. what more.