double pines

double pines

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a very emotional kazım koyuncu folk song. you are here to watch the heart-shaking version in gulbeyaz: video site/watch?v=-m0wrgjjw-u


as heard at first hand, his words are as follows: opposite double pines oy gum drips to the ground o o o o o o o o v o evun six beneficiaries oy evun ne crowd o o o o o o evun six beneficiaries o evun ne crowd o o o o o o v half do you have it vote love like me o o o o o o o o w o o w o o w o o o o o o o vote like me


it's just a sad song. here you go: video site/watch?v=k_afnhjewos


since it is my favorite black sea folk song, it is indispensable if it is not sung at every gathering with a song, and sometimes with alcoholic ones. it will definitely make someone cry. takes you away from you..


he said it in such a scene of gülbeyaz that kazım koyuncu cuk sat down.* every time i watch that scene, i cry because of the beauty of the scene and seeing kazım koyuncu once again. also; Şevval sam had said that in the section where they went to the maiden's tower. it is pretty too. the bad part is; can't find the full version of this song.


don't know if it's the only the tv series i've watched from start to finish * when combined with Şevval sam and nejat İşler, it's the song that doesn't make me forget the certain scene in the series. the song has a "hidden inside" pain. it is a pain that only those who can say "i understand his problem" will understand.


and the song i want to listen from karmate.


the daughter of Şevval sam reads this as well as kazım koyuncu. with naked voice. kazım koyuncu is loved in a different way, he has made people love this pain in a different way. this song melts the heart that is said to be connected to ice.