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company about to go bankrupt. fired its most valuable employee today...


the company that was said to go under since 2007 but has been growing continuously since then. of course, they were affected like everyone else because of the problems experienced in 2016 2017. instead of renting on rumeli caddesi, they moved to their own building in eminonu. the company has been working in the field of tourism with a focus on the far east.


the holding, which has many hotels and businesses in cappadocia. these are as follows; (see: double tree hilton cappadocia) (see: ramada cappadocia) (see: uçhisar kaya otel) (see: göreme kaya otel) (see: anatolian cave hotel) (see: evranos restaurant) (see: avanos mado) (see: avanos mado) surbalık istanbul) (see: surbalık avanos) (see: jet boat avanos) (see: gondola avanos) (see: atmospheric balloon) (see: cappadocia balloon) (see: rainbow balloon) (see: marriot hotel cappadocia) currently under construction in progress.


the institution that should be asked to the tradesmen of cappadocia to get detailed information about it. in addition, the holding whose secret of success is wondered.


these days, a company that employs all the time because of tourism's mess, makes nonsense, visionless, low-intelligence initiatives in the empty grocery store, crystal tartar mode, in short, struggling.


as far as i understand from what has been written about it, it is a holding that creates a monopoly in cappadocia.


it is one of the companies that contribute the most to the tourism. its main business line provides all services in the country such as buses, hotels, and guidance services to agencies that send tourists to the country abroad. they make incoming with the sectoral idiom. it is very strong in asian and far east markets. however, hotel, balloon, etc. they have different investments. they treat you for your money. how much you work, you ll gain the amount for your work. they also provide incoming services in different countries such as spain and morocco by making agreements with different regional agencies. (see: dorak tours)