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there is such a male name.


one of the most successful of the second world war german railway cannons. six weeks to build, six weeks to dismantle, two trains to move, 1500 engineers, a lot of soldiers. is it worth it? not really.


a great alternative if you're obsessed with giving your son an eccentric name.


it is a beautiful female name.. can be changed to dorika depending on the situation.


discovered it with the link in sour today. i'm not sure if he has any idea of a word of what he said. it is as if he is unconsciously reading the text placed in front of him. for example, he mistook the word "id" as an abbreviation for something in english and read it as "ay-dii" many times. he did not feel the need to question. the word id comes from the latin. it is the latin version of the english word "it". it's pronounced "id". but with the beauty factor, subscribers will gain. i personally subscribed.


a 1400-ton german cannon used in the second world war that needed a railroad for movement. he fired a total of 300 rounds, including 48 80cm diameter rounds fired during his 12-day tenure. its range is 47km with explosive bullets, and 80m before detonation, and 37km with bullets that can pierce concrete. it is one of the fantasies of hits, it should be respected. a picture of this little fella can be viewed at


masculine name pointing to peaks covered with a beam of light that shimmers as if gold. today, for the first time, i had a perfect meeting with this unique name and personality, with the son of my beautiful high school friend who went to high school. when you look at him, his eyes are so bright that you can say 'hah, this is the typical dora'. moreover, he is a name that fits well with a personality with determination and talent to push the top in the subjects he is interested in. i recommend it to those who want their son to have a name that is not seen or heard by everyone. absolutely :)


war titan that can use 3 different calibers as 700, 800 and 1000mm, transported on the railroad, which has to be pushed up to a curve on the railway in order to aim at the right point because it is impossible to turn... this is roughly as high as a 4-floor apartment even a single bullet of the cannon was pulling more than 7 tons... it is also one of the best examples of the "advanced engineering" obsession in german engineering, which reached morbid proportions during the 2nd world war.

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