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he'll probably be overlooked with the luka doncic storm raging today, but he had 51 points against denver in the game that just ended. he had scored 57 in the first game, including overtime, and had scored 51 in the whole regular time. i am my lion in great shape.


if he didn't manage to jump in time, ben simmons was selected in the previous year's draft, received his one-year fee and started playing in his second season. that aside, donovan mitchell deserves more awards than he does. but i think american media big market team player will give the award to simmons. on the other hand, i actually don't like this conflict. maybe we'll be discussing the bird and magic of the new age in 10 years.


utah jazz rookie who eliminated okc thunder in the playoffs. he played with 38 points today. he is the highest scoring rookie in the playoffs in the last 30 years. congratulations.


i was wondering. ncaa averaged 7 points in his 1st season and 15 points in his 2nd season, and then came to the nba. neither ate nor drank, this nba was able to go this far above the average in college in his first year.


in order to end the roty fight with a happy ending, the nba management must make a deal with a man to break into malcolm brogdon's house and steal last year's prize so that they can give one to mitchell and the other to simmons. very big player. edit: i wrote michael thanks for your message


he was named rookie of the year by the nba's player association. eyes turned to nba now.


he is the fastest rookie to reach 150 3-pointers (63 games) in nba history.


best player in the rookie season of the 2017 draft. while everyone is focused on lonzo ball and markelle fultz, he is busy carrying utah jazz, averaging 20.5 ppg in the regular season and 27.5 points in his first four games in the playoffs in the nba, which he entered as the 13th pick. best organic rookie of the year