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(see: a song for you) a marvelous musician who donated a masterpiece to this world. how did we know about this? with kodi lee's beautiful agt interpretation.


like almost every black soul singer, he is of gospel music origin. in other words, he started his career singing and playing the piano in church as a child.

with the awesome soul pieces he released in the 1970s, i think soul is the king of music without a crown. everything is everthing, i love you more than you'll ever know are pieces of legend. he also created great works with gospel, soul and pop music components.

he was diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia and struggled with severe depression attacks. a few hours before his death, he was on record with his fellow musicians and suffers from one of his schizophrenia episodes.
he died by jumping off the balcony after the attack, which he said were trying to kill him in order to play the music of the whites.
again, a very talented person suffers from mental illness. who knows that being able to feel the pain so deep maybe makes them talented


great voice, male musician whose influences on r & b music still continue. the greatest soul music person of the 70s. he committed suicide at the age of 34, leaving behind countless solos and duets. aretha franklin also sang his songs.


as an example song about how being deprived of your voice creates a sense of loss (see: the closer i get to you)


the full name of the hotel he built on death sky dive is new york essex house hotel.


(see: lalah hathaway)