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"can a person who has not had the opportunity to do evil be thanked for his goodness?"

(see cervantes)
(see: don quijote)
(see: don quixote)


my childhood in one hand
an armor of memories on me
my wooden horse under me
come on i say rocinante
follow my youth up front
come on, ask him
have you seen my darling?


"long live the one who invented sleep: sleep is the blanket that covers all human troubles, it is food that quenches hunger, it is water that quenches thirst, it is fire that warms the cold, it is cold that cools the heat, it is common money that can buy everything; it is the scales that equate the shepherd and the king, the fool and the wise. there is a side, they say, that resembles death; there is little difference between a sleeping man and a dead man."


a fairy tale hero who fights the winds, walks his own way on a donkey, runs away from home and looks at the city without surrendering, living a beautiful freedom.


i claim it is one of the most beautiful stories ever.


to read; made don Quixote a gentleman; but believing what he was reading drove him crazy.