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it is the medicine that i never took away from my wallet because of migraine. we have dolorex, we have condoms on his wallet.

(see alternative solutions to the excuse of having a headache)


i had cancer, i swear it passed thanks to dolorex.


kryptonitis of toothache. i do not even swallow, i bring it closer to my mouth, the pain is stuck.



it is the speed that takes the pain of the 10-centimeter piece of wood that entered my foot in 10 minutes and turns me back to uranus. let someone explain whatever is in it. but let me explain it in terms of my understanding.


the drug that i seriously consider.


the drug that allows the menstrual period to go smoothly without pain when taken with a fine timing calculation. it is a miracle that has managed to get out of the millions of medicines that have been tried. tested approved. *


the drug that alone can relieve mythical combos such as toothache caused by the fall of the filling, low back pain due to hernia, severe pain caused by migraine trouble. sometimes as someone who lives all three at the same time, i say there is no better. if i am a woman i would also try to give birth just to push the limits of dolorex ..


two things can relieve my menstrual pain. someone to cut my groin area with a knife and pull my ovaries off with my hand. and this drug.


despite the apranax that pierces my stomach and writhes for days, it is a wonderful painkiller that never gets on my stomach. the bad side is that it is red and small, it carries the risk of spoiling the young man, and it is also not good for my menstrual pain.


the medicine that you can invite for stomach bleeding when taken with coffee. don't.