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a drug that can be administered with serum in the emergency response when faced with severe pain* and oral painkillers fail. it is definitely effective at full dose, makes the pain go away, does not make you read.


it is a nice analgesic that we use quite a lot in emergency services. it was around the time i had appendicitis that i met this pain reliever that i had made for hundreds of patients. it relieved my pain immediately and provided relief for about two or three hours. except for a few side effects such as a strange dryness in my mouth, unable to speak, lowering my blood pressure, drowsiness and sleep, it enchanted me because it relieved my pain.


you have not been in our hospital for 3 years, you cannot become addicted even if you want to. at least this is not contramal, it doesn't exist either. come on, they don't exist, iv arveles, right? there's no room. we cut the patient from length (yes, we don't have laparoscopy skills) we try to cut the pain with parol. pity these people.


it is the only drug that can relieve the excruciating pain that i experience during fmf attacks, which i say thank god every time, whoever finds it, who prescribes it, and who injects it. in fact, the pain does not decrease, but you get into such a state of mind that - i ate peritonitis, nothing happens to you, you start to smile in a discourse like "my doctor," and when you find your head fully, you fall asleep with that tiredness caused by high fever.


a narcotic substance called a 100-dollar donkey dose, which makes the patient stay silent and still, especially when he groans all the hospital corridors in pain when he should not move a millimeter.


when i was treated for trigeminal neuralgia, the intravenous drug i used for 1 week didn't work because it lowered my pain threshold after the 6th day, that's a separate issue


pethidine is a narcotic analgesic it contains. it is given with a red prescription because it is addictive. it is used for severe pain such as cancer.