do you want to be a commando

do you want to be a commando

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the crucial question of the incident that happened to one of our carp relatives in 1982.. captain: do you want to be a commando? commando candidate: have you ever seen a commando graduated from metu?* captain: we'll see you soon.. summer, commando. nextiii!! result: the idiot breaks his leg in the first difficult move on the 5th day of the training in isparta, after spending a month in gata, he becomes an army ensign.


ridiculous question for a reserve officer candidate, of course i said no. i was 1.80 by 95 kilos. as a result, it was written on the given paper that "suitable for military service, not suitable for commando". when that is the case, a person experiences resentment for 2 seconds. just 2 seconds, then transfer bojan when you get home.


they asked our teacher friend. he said "no". they asked why. ours also said in an idealistic manner: my business is with children. after 3 months of mountain commando school adventure, he served as a commando lieutenant in dicle for 9 months. he did what he should not have done at all and only took on the arrogance befitting a commander, and he suffered a great punishment for this.


the question that makes people sweat in the reserve officer roll call, which raises blood pressure. in my example, the dialogue with the commander entered my dreams in the evening. - do you want to be a commando? - no sir - why? - i have a problem with my foot, it's crooked, hede hodo - we'll fix it, dear, as long as you want...


this question was asked to me differently. do you want to be a commando as they say to everyone? if they did, maybe i'd hesitate to say no and say yes. but i was asked: do you want to be a commando? that's how i perceived it at that moment, you know, have you ever had such a request or something? i don't know, i thought there was a petition or something, asking about it. i said no. "of course you don't want to be a homosexual," he said. i said to myself, this will make me a commando. then, even though i was not even remotely related to the health sector, they did the medic.


the question that was given to our brave men in the prime of their life during the military examination. a friend who will have a national duty with the august distribution answered "no" and in the same survey, "do you have a phobia?" he answered the question as "terror and blood". i guess that's what it is to hit the tsk without the gin, i have a feeling that he will call his fans from the mountain gabar after 1 month..


the question is, in the military branch where i went for the postponement, i said yes because there is still some way and i had a dialog like this. reading the form. - ok, 21... istanbuul.. coma... head raised and looking at me - you wrote commando? -yes -do you want to be a commando -eeah maybe (starts to climb a little) -we won't do you, you're overweight -you and your fat big ass!! (of course it won't, it's called: i'll give it until then.) -ooo


- do you want to be a commando? - why all this madness, soldier, when there's fish in a raki bottle... - i'm a civilian officer, not a soldier... - oh, if you say that, i want to work there in the army house. - i'm channeling you to the branch commander.

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