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although it is one of the rare companies in the sector, in a country whose economy is faltering with taxes, the company is accused of making a raise by people who are unaware of the 30% Ötv hike. edit: the respected gentleman below is a troll who started swearing with a direct message for the tax he was reminded after his message above. also, i'm not a do-re music worker, i'm a consumer.


a company that hurts its customers. it's not all about money. you may have taken that 660 lira from me today, but i will never shop from you again, and i will do my best to ensure that no one else does. also, don't they give smug advice? makes people sick. you are nothing more than a sham business that does not care about customer satisfaction.


the company that has employees who behave in the same manner as the customers who have come to the store recently, what are you doing here.


i've been in kadıköy for a few times and ask if the kazoos have arrived, they say it's just over. i say when it will come, they say 1 month later. i say when it's over, they say 1 month later, 1 month later. i say when is it over? 1 month later 1 month later. i say how much was the price, they say 1 month and 1 month. i think they give it for free after waiting for 1 month?


their favorite type of customers are those who come to the store and don't touch anything, show what they want with their hands, don't ask for any information from the employee, complete the shopping within 2 minutes and give the desired money without any bargaining.