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https://www.dlive.io/ the next generation live streaming and video community on the blockchain. the live video stream version of steemit. maybe it will work. i think he should.


as of now, broadcasts are being made about sending someone to a place with the telephone business, watching them with a mobese camera and laughing en masse. we are entering 2019 and we are still wasting our internet with the same stupid posts. people get sad.


it is a formation that has the potential to force twitch's throne and even seize it in terms of appearance. it is highly likely that it will debut this year, especially as it makes money not only for broadcasters but also for viewers.


it is also another lack of vision to give partnership to anyone who comes in front of you in the country and to intend to carry the poor quality of twitch to another address. but there are many companies that print money on the platform you call twitch. and you will see that many broadcasters will gradually return to twitch again.


think it could be a scam, after all, if there is a blockchain, there is a high probability that there will be a scam in this business. you can think of it like airdrop logic.


broadcasters and viewers alike went crazy over the lemon mint. dlive streaming platform or something, pass them. dlive is like a social experiment you know.


a new streaming platform alternative to twitch. i first learned of its existence on twitch when jahrein, who made an environment with bullying and mafia, and oxichampion, who was banned because of his licking crew, mentioned that he would broadcast here. let's see what twitch's response will be to this.


i don't think it will be an alternative to twitch. there is no broadcaster from the country that will make a sound. as far as i can see, the types of pubg mobile broadcasting are concentrated. there is a 43-year-old publisher named cewher alone, it remains watchable. description: a publishing platform.

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