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(see: nix)


there are founders who are unaware of orthographic rules. there is a statement in the description: "are you wondering what's on dizimag today, then take a look at the latest tv series episodes, 'welcome to the country's biggest tv series and video site, dizimag', don't you know the spelling? bokgibisite.com.tr


it is a very surprising site with its com.tr extension. people who opened a company or something. very interesting.


the old goal of watching the series, which i found myself on swankyporntube.com, when i saw the article reopened on facebook today, i clicked on it with excitement.


(see: sazan.avi) although the necessary explanation was made with the message added to the old site a few years ago and can still be seen, being a tool for certain things opened by 3rd class apache web designers cannot be explained naively. the message at dizi-mag.com is as follows: "dizimag is not affiliated with any site and it is out of question to reopen with any domain name." for your information. description: zorttrik site.


the site that comes up first when i type dizimag on google. i tried to enter again in the hope that my directory was opened, but the doors were closed in my face. i wondered what would happen if i typed it into google, and here is the site that came up. in terms of content, i think that very few series are opened by people who have very rare but current episodes, and very, very probably unrelated to their previous owners. they got huge advertisements or something, but i didn't know exactly what it is.


the site with the tr extension, which continues to broadcast as a porn site.