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"man wants freedom. woman wants property. he will only set you free if he can trade you for something else. all women are property owners."


this is the book that i think should be made into a movie with the courage of a talented screenwriter and director. it's been twenty years since i read it, it needs to be reconsidered.


if this novel had been written in the last 10 years, for example, it would have sold millions. he used to shake the ground because he was bestselir kütselir. like lost treasure. of course, the legend, the timeless and so on... i say it would shake the ground. (see the dispossessed)


i can easily say that it is the best dystopia i have ever read in my life. the opposite of something is just as true – and it is also wrong – a work that puts its thesis very well into view. readable, readable and rereadable.


in anarchism talk, 'ok, the whole order will be destroyed, how will life continue?' it is a book that can at least answer your question. but also 'is that anorcho anarchism?' ursula k. le guin's dystopia book.