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the place where kemal sunal expresses the effect of beauty beautifully in a movie: "that dimple on your cheek when you smile... let them bury me there when i die."


that my grandmother touched my cheeks as soon as i was born. my mom says that when babies are first born, there are dimples where you press the tip of your finger on their cheeks. i don't believe it, but i smile with what they tell and what they give as gifts.


reason to fall in love.


cheek failure.


although all generalizations are wrong, it is a name i have yet to come across an ugly girl with this name. (exceptions do not break the rule) it is also the name i will give if i have a daughter one day in the future. edit: dude, why did you send this entry beyond time 2.5 months later? what part of it did you vote and send it beyond time? i'm really curious, someone should send a message and explain because i can't explain this situation in any way...


the 2 spaces just above my ass where i could sleep comfortably after i ruined my whole night saying "olm is happening with these wives, is there a problem with me", which i first noticed its existence after 23 years, after i found out that he was in enrique iglesias, he is constantly grinning to show the dimples on his face, now i will laugh with my ass and show my dimples


if your name is dimple, you will definitely be exposed to the following conversation at some point in your life: - what's your name? - dimple. - i'm a rose, do you have dimples? you grin and... - oh no dimples! - glad you said it, i didn't know.


two pits dug into his cheek. if you laugh, it will be my grave.