die kunst des liebens

die kunst des liebens

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addressing the lovers who believed in the greatness of their love, the author said: "that ardent passion, being "crazy" for each other, is taken as proof of the greatness of love. this is proof of the greatness of the loneliness that those people were in before."


in this book, master erich fromm examined the problem of "do we love a person because we need him or do we need him because we love", which i thought a lot about at the time, and brought me peace. it is an interesting book that talks about many different aspects of love. it is not known why it was not one of the most read.


fromm's book containing many aphorisms on love. for example, "love is an action, not a passive feeling. it is to be in something, not to be caught up in something. in its most general form, the active nature of love can be defined as that loving is primarily giving, not receiving." he says somewhere, and it cannot be said that he is unfair. i also don't know if it has been written before, but fromm states in this book that the only type of unrequited love is maternal love.

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