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veterinary medicine that is not found anywhere, if you find it, let it green, i will give you a gold plaque. edit; unfortunately, it is located in Çorlu, which is the closest to istanbul.


it is a miraculous drug that ends scabies, which is the biggest enemy of street animals, in a short time.


drug containing 10 mg of ivermectin and 250 mg of praziquantel, which has been released to the market by the anatolian veterinary medicine company for use as an endectocide in sheep. there is no information about its use in dogs. but it might work, need a try


it is a drug used to treat parasites on animals. recently, asparagus news has been spreading that it is used in covid 19 treatments. it's a hard-to-find drug. after news like this, access to these drugs, which are vital for street animals, will be even more difficult.


it is the drug that i have been using for about 2 months (yes, i am bipedal and i use veterinary medicine), which cuts the inflammation in my legs that are burning hot due to lymphedema, cleans my intestinal system and makes me feel very healthy. i bow gratefully in front of my teacher işılay erdoğan :)