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liked the movie a lot, even though it was exaggerated. but if the slow motions in the action scenes were normal, the movie would probably last 1.50 minutes. watch, watch does not end sir..


you wasted shahrukh with katrina, at least don't waste aamir. what the hell is katrina! okay, she's beautiful, but i've never seen such a soulless, expressionless actress. i think that he will definitely do the box office thanks to aamir. because even though i tear up not to watch the movies that katrina plays, we watch it for the sake of my master aamir.


while it's not very good, it's not bad enough to be shoved up your ass. although the action scenes are exaggerated, i enjoyed the movie. aamir khan's acting is largely the reason for this pleasure.


it is a movie that should be watched knowing that you are watching an indian movie, that you enjoy when you watch it like that, and that is the movie that aamir khan poured out anyway...


it's a good aamir khan movie. i love aamir khan movies. that's why my expectations are higher with every movie. the acting and some scenes are very exaggerated but still watchable. --- spoiler --- i don't know if the movie should have ended like this. very emotional. wish they had run away. --- spoilers ---


a beautiful movie that rewards those who watch the first half hour patiently for the remaining 2.5 hours.


i learned hindi at the end of the movie, now i know enough hindi to tell my problem thanks to this movie. i watched the movie without the characters in optimum avşar cinema and my brain was burned. the movie wasn't any more entertaining than the first two movies, just the classic amir khan sentimentality added to the movie. there is something to be said for amir khan emotional terminator.


the movie i watched today. but almost everyone in the hall said that they had watched it online before, i wish it had been released earlier.