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vitamin d3, which introduces the carcinogenic substance banned in japan. everything we eat and drink is full of carcinogens, but taking it like medicine is a little bit of a thing. of course, we have to drink.

the supplement that is written to everyone, such as cheese bread, because it is the cheapest vitamin d3 and meets sgk its taste is disgraceful compared to much more qualified but expensive supplements. it also contains bha, so you may need to be cautious.

the medicine i used first the ampoule and then the drops due to vitamin d deficiency. well, i like the taste of the drop.


was toxic. at first, 1 bulb per week, then 1 bulb a month, i had been drinking for 10 months in total, and the doctor looked at me as if i was crazy. he said, don't use yea.


the preservatives in it were carcinogenic. americans are using another vitamin d called carlson daily drop d3. it only contains coconut oil and vitamin d. so this can be done without adding carcinogenic substances.


the vitamin, which is claimed to be less effective in contact with metal, therefore recommended to be taken by pouring on bread without using a spoon.


now this provides 300,000 iu (international units) of vitamin d. well good but the maximum safe to take per day is 4000 iu, right? how is this work? it will be good if someone who knows can explain.

if i just injected the 300,000-i.u bulb into bread and buried it, i will update it if i don't die.

(see edit) i'm not dead.

it is a drug that is very hard to find in pharmacies. some of them hide it even though they have it.


devit is 3 drops = 400 units of vitamin d.
it should be used by all babies from 15 days to 1 year of age, because breast milk does not contain vitamin d.
my personal recommendation as a pediatrician is to prevent vitamin d deficiency by giving 3 drops to all children during the winter months.


while there are those who say that it is toxic and should not be consumed too much, there are also those who say it does no harm. my doctor said nothing will happen. under all circumstances, it is beneficial to use as needed.
it also has no taste, it is just like an oil. how sensitive your papillae are.


the one in the form of a small bottle, which i think is referred to as a drop, is a vitamin d drug that i could not find.


drug with varying opinions about its toxicity. in a study conducted, it was reported that there was no toxicity in individuals who were given 300,000 uu devit-3 ampoules every week for 12 weeks, while in another study, a monthly serum 25-oh vitamin d level control is recommended, especially for individuals over 65 years of age.
the main thing is to know the symptoms of toxicity. generally, the first symptoms that patients describe are metallic taste and headache in the mouth, and over time, nausea and vomiting are added to these.


(see: keep calm and put the bulb in your hand, lad)


those who have kidney stone problems, especially those recur, should not take it arbitrarily . it should be used according to the doctor's analysis result and the person's condition.


i can say without relying on any scientific source, based only on my own experiences; it harms the vocal cords.


i am not a expert, but i know that the ampoule form is not recommended very much. the ampoule contains 300,000 units of drops of 50,000 units of vitamin d. the drops do not increase vitamin d too much, but rather increase slowly. vitamin d increases both osteoblastic and osteoclastic activity. in a healthy bone, there should already be turnover. it is also pathological that the bone does not collapse at all. it is also pathological to destroy the peaks and subsequent falls while making muscle.


i asked our family physician about the carcinogen claims at the time because my mother uses this vitamin in the form of a maintenance dose of 10 drops every day during the winter, and she is about 50-55 micrograms of the aforementioned substance (bha = e 320) in 10 drops and a 60 kg person. he stated that this could not even be counted as a trace amount, and that what we should be afraid of was the packaged foods in which this substance was poured, so to speak.

i mean, if you have the opportunity, do your sun bath and get the vitamin d needs of your body naturally, or if the sun is forbidden to you as it is to my mother due to various skin diseases, use it with peace of mind, even if you drink the whole bottle, it is within the dose limits that an adult can tolerate.