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i have been dealing with for about a year. no, i don't know when it will pass. i managed with one hitrizine every other day without any problems, but the room started to no longer benefit. i think in such cases it is necessary to start using a different antihistamine..


it is a kind of skin disease that manifests itself with itchy red scratches on the body. it is generally harmless and leaves no permanent marks. although the exact cause is unknown, if there is a history of allergies, the body may be predisposed to develop dermatography. skin irritation by clothing or linen, cold, heat, pressure, sunlight, and stress can also trigger dermatography.


it is an inexplicable disease that drives people crazy. after a crazy itching on my back, neck, arms and legs for days, after i cried out in the emergency room of the hospital and screamed "do something, i'm about to go crazy", after being drugged with cortisone and needles, i fell asleep and was sent home with a box of telfast. .


it is a medical finding that i learned that i have it myself as of yesterday. it is a symptom, not a disease. when there is more intense contact with your skin than normal, your skin becomes swollen and red. it's very annoying. i have been itching and burning for over a month. there is no definite cure either. it was something that had a self-passing state.


something like this efem:…/videos/1505607479746645/ --- spoiler --- i write a note to myself and it's there for half an hour --- spoiler --- :)