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according to a rumor on video site, he can swim on land.


towards the end of 2018, it caught its prime time, the biceps size has now reached 59 cm. it would not be wrong to say rise of denis cyplenkov this year, he recently demolished devon larratt, one of the most durable wrestlers in history, very easily and lost to devon in an exhibition match by being a gentleman. we can call this sport a genetic marvel, probably the strongest arm wrestler in history in his prime.


1 year ago, it was so strong that the power is not permanent. that's how one falls from the force. don't brag about being strong for him. it was like this because he didn't use it consciously.


(see: neanderthal)


he said that after his last match with davon larratt, he did a fantasy weight lifting attempt at an organization and had a ruptured kidney. an athlete who could not recover afterward. the zoo named levan saginashvili remained unrivaled in the absence of denis. by the way, i think this denis is called orc because of his type. and his calm demeanor while his opponent is tearing himself apart in matches is really interesting.


i'm looking forward to his match with devon larratt. denis uses purely muscular strength, while devon is more amenable to tactical wrestling. and so far they have no matches yet. definition; russian arm wrestler.


(bkz: the last wrist bender)