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my official sexual orientation. i can't enjoy the relationship or one-night stands i have made without feeling anything towards the other person. i'm pretending to be dead. i can go years without having sex, and i can be passionately with the person i really feel something with. although it comes as a concept from a place, there is such a thing for someone. that's me until i get home better.


a person who does not normally feel sexually attracted to anyone (asexual), who is able to feel sexual attraction when they form strong emotional bonds with someone. in other words, some of the asexuals who have not had close relationships with the people they are romantically attracted to may actually be demisexual. i guess there isn't a the language called semi-sexual yet. edit: a self explanatory Q and a on demisexuals and gray asexuals:…the-ace-umbrella/


this is mine. if it's real, i'm glad to say that the situation i'm in can be named. at least i can define myself now.


demisexuality is a state of sexuality between sexuality and asexuality. the most distinctive feature of demisexuals is the strong connection between their hormones and their feelings. a demisexual is not completely non-sexual like a typical asexual, but they are sexually attracted to people with whom they can have serious emotional intimacy. in this sense, their sexuality usually takes place through a specific partner with whom that bond can be established.


only person who can feel sexual attraction towards demi moore.


it is one of the 3 most basic concepts of sexual psychology, which has been the subject of a ton of scientific studies, after asexuality and sexuality. but it is an issue where those who perceive life only on various sexual organs cannot have an iota of empathy but can pass firecrackers parallel to their intelligence level.


"not being able to make love without love" is the simplest definition of this pure sexuality. a demisexual who has never had a chance to experience love (or commitment) may think of herself as an asexual because of this situation. however, when you fall in love with someone, they can discover feelings they have never felt before, both spiritually and physically.