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fuck off, what's your boyfriend's job? - not working at the moment. he did advertising before… now he travels the world. lives. a free spirit, a wonderful person… it's like we're working because of our captive and crushed souls, fuck you. if we don't work, we become the zealot who eats father/husband money, the rich are wonderful people who discover the free-spirited world. well fuck off.


while trying to get back to my high school sweetheart, she accidentally went back to high school. there can be no other explanation for that interview.


you broke up, the woman got married, you have someone else in your life. i don't know how long it takes to give an interview and say "but i broke up, i'm me, otherwise i would have died", i wonder what purpose there could be. it's a shame, if i were in sertab's place, instead of getting angry, i would get angry with this sacmaliga.


but the person who took me away with his "i broke up with him, of course, panpaaa" statement that would suit high school teenagers.