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it is used in essential hypertension where combination preparation therapy is indicated. its active ingredient is ramipril.


the simplest blocker drug for those with hypertension..


it is the medicine that i started to use at a young age, that i did not leave in the middle so that no one would understand that it belongs to me.


i had to join the military to be honored. i would like to thank you for not asking if you are satisfied.


(see ramipril) is an antihypertensive drug from the ace inhibitors group. although it is talked about that ace inhibitors increase the risk of viral diseases, it was shared by the scientific committee that there may be more serious consequences for hypertension patients to leave the drug and remain with uncontrolled blood pressure.


the medicine the doctor prescribed for my hypertension today. it will be checked for 1 week to see how much effect it has. let's see how my allergy will react to this drug in my body.


drug used to keep blood hydrated, lower blood fats and control hypertension. delix stops the production of angiotensin ii substance by narrowing the blood vessels, and when the release of this substance decreases, blood pressure and blood flow return to normal. hypertension is often chronic, so although complete cure is not possible, the goal is to stabilize the patient.


it is a blood pressure medicine that belongs to the thiazide group of the antihypertensive family and contains ramipril as an active ingredient. not used in pregnant women.