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a typical feto family member. the person who made some beautifications for feto before the coup and started crypto fetishism after the coup, but couldn't do what's inside. they would not be able to relax without killing at least 50 family members for their chief.


while this man sang the song "remember my beloved, that happy night"* with his wife, he earned my hatred by intervening between the lines as "i will remember, sir", "let me be, sir". (bkz: remember oh fairy)


our aircraft is taking off at the bars with eser noyan. while he was making an effect with his mouth saying "vüüüüüüüoof", fethullah smiling teacher was discovered by hadrat ms. majesty, a courtesy man who was hired to prepare people's brains for a platform suitable for islam by making a terrible program. don't your eyes open and your forehead wrinkle while you talk, especially while pretending to listen? he also has a terrible word "with blessings". hasan cihat orter is a true omni trio with eser noyan and himself


characterless, hypocritical and shameless man. he used to appear on the fetö channel, now he is a crypto fetö who, together with his provocateur wife, tries to incite the people to grudge and hatred on country tv.