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addiction among doctors and nurses is very common. bulbs break, red prescriptions disappear. troublesome business.


doctor drugs. red is sold with a prescription, 5-6 ampoules are taken intravenously a day (i'm talking about addiction), if there is a health care worker who goes in and out of the warehouse very often in the health institution, the amount of cheated in the warehouse should be carefully monitored. the most important mistake is to think that the user's abnormal movements are not noticed from the outside. abnormally abnormal stuttering as if perfectly normal.


kidney stone pain reliever. it is proof that it is unnecessary to waste time with buscopan in vain. in the continuation, every nurse is beautiful, every road is rome.


it cannot be used in those with kidney failure because if it cannot be excreted from the body in this way, the metabolite (destruction product) normeperidine can cause convulsions due to the accumulation of the wonderful pain reliever, it not only cuts the pain, but also gives a peace of mind, so as if you have fulfilled all your responsibilities for this world, you will have a colorful dream (without remembering the place you lie in) see: meperidine) (see: dolantin)


property and lie buy property and lie and get some stuff too. i need you. i need you to know you: something that is said to be wonderful.


have used it in entrapment neuropathy, restless legs syndrome, bone metastasis, renal colic. the patient with neuropathy, who cried for half an hour in the emergency room, was smiling on the way out. while leaving, he said the following bombshell; "so that's what it's like to get high." i feel like i might be a woman addict, but what can we do.


one of the narcotic pain relievers in the ohh yeaaa category. don't worry, if you're not a doctor, you won't be addicted.


pharmacological preparation that succeeds in making addicts researchers, screenwriters, and theater artists in order to deceive doctors because of their addiction.