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Elevit is a drug that contains vitamins and minerals that is meant to be taken by pregnant women. Recently, there have been claims that the drug contains pig ingredients, but the company has denied these claims.



When you go to the health center to find out if you are pregnant, they will give you a free box of medication. This box contains vitamins and folic acid, so it is not a good idea to take any other vitamins while taking this drug.



the drug that i wonder if it is ok for men to use it.
edit: it was okay for men to use it, i just turned green.



the content is exactly as follows efenim;

12 vitamins

vitamin a (retinol): 4000 i.u. (1201.2 µg)

vitamin b1 (thiamine hydrochloride) 1.6 mg

vitamin b2 (riboflavin): 1.8 mg

vitamin b6 (pyridoxine hydrochloride): 2.6 mg

vitamin b12 (cyanocobalamin): 4 µg

vitamin c (ascorbic acid): 100 mg

vitamin d2 (ergocalciferol): 500 i.u.

vitamin e (? -tocopherol acetate): 15 mg

biotin (vitamin b8): 200µg

calcium pantothenate (vitamin b5): 10 mg

folic acid: 0.8mg

nicotinamide: 19 mg

4 minerals

calcium: 125 mg
iron: 60 mg
magnesium: 100 mg
phosphorus: 125 mg

3 trace elements

copper: 1 mg
manganese: 1 mg
zinc: 7.5 mg



our government gives pregnant women a free monthly box of this drug, along with vitamin d. god bless our state. all for three kids.



the formula prepared with pregnant women in mind is preferred by athletes because it is rich in vitamins of group b and iron, which i think is a wise choice, drug or food supplement with its category in my heart.

i have often recommended it to my husband and friend who have 70-100 lira worth of vitamins and minerals among the monthly food supplement items. beyond the price advantage, i don't even compromise the reputation of the pharmacy product with the product they buy from online supplement stores.