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+ doctor, how long will i see this hormone therapy? -until you become a woman (see: being a woman) + how so - you need to have a relationship with someone + how i repeat my question. - your virginity has to be broken, so you have to get married + before you get married


it is a goal that will be a nightmare for men and women with blood phobia. it should be done in the dark and by taking all precautions. the pleasure after the first 3-5 minutes is incredible for both parties. must be lived with the right person.


is the second level.. at the first level there is breaking the intention..


it's not something that can be talked about much. at least when i talk about it, i shudder, cold sweat breaks out, i feel ashamed and even ashamed, i feel guilty. women should start a movement, even for this; for example, "all women join the union, break the virginity yourself" or something. i think they should do it themselves. i'm already thinking that virginity is also an unnecessary thing, i'm embarrassed again, don't look at me, my face is red...


the blood coming after the action is fingered and rubbed on the forehead of the partner to wish him well.


timely dialogue; x: if i were a boy, i can't break a girl's virginity, i can't take such a responsibility on me.. y: well, ahmet took mine very well without hesitation.. x: you say it's crackling, hehhah. y: no, i say fuck it, ahhaha. *


not chastity.


"virtue" is a meaningless verb, since it is not something that is spoiled, but something that is saved (come on, it didn't happen, at best it "ends", "ends"). i don't understand what is deteriorating... no, the action described as "deterioration" improves one's life and psychology. the social structure behind this language and the psychology it developed is what a disgusting, unbalanced thing!