Death by beard: Hans Steininger

Death by beard: Hans Steininger

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Known as the man with the longest beard, Hans Steininger died from the vicissitudes of his beard.

In 1567 Hans Steininger was prime minister in Austria loved by his people. Under his rule, the people lived in peace and tranquility.

However, in addition to being a good leader and prime minister, he also stood out with his 1.4 meter long beard.

Although today there is a product suitable for all kinds of hair and beard types, the difficulty of growing a 1.4 meter long beard back then is really surprising.
Due to the length of his beard, Hans always kept his beard tucked in his pocket, leading his daily life.
However, during the fire on September 28, 1567, Hans' beard was not in his pocket.

As everyone hurried out of town, Hans tripped on his beard as he descended the stairs and fell and broke his neck.
Commemorating his death in that fire, they made a statue of him in front of St. Stephen's church.
The president's famous beard was trimmed before he was buried. It is on display at the Bezirksmuseum Herzogsburg in Austria.