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dear dungeon

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it's a movie i will watch for (bkz: shahrukh khan) because (see: allia bhatt)'s acting is very contrived and therefore very inexperienced, i hope it doesn't ruin the movie!


the movie is a movie to be watched with pleasure, be it with its music or with its sincerity. video site/watch?v=2zbpjt9nqtk you can see a sample here. a good shahrukh khan movie that those who say they have a connection problem should watch


shahrukh khan and alia bhatt will share the lead roles, so i don't know how we will encounter it, as there is no trailer yet, but i hope it is not a romance genre and it is a movie that srk does not love with alia. based on the name dear dungeon, it looks like it will act as a guide in alia's life.


hollywood style bollywood movie starring shahrukh khan and alia bhatt. for this reason, bollywood lovers should stay away. too contrived and american; the story is boring too. it's like our new generation movies and tv series, that's why; they're trying to be something they're not culturally, like they put a butterfly on a horse's genitalia.


think shahrukh khan is the first movie we saw in the therapist chair. i think it's watchable. if you like bollywood, i say watch it. i was looking for aditya roy kapoor. --- spoiler --- the guy just popped up at the end of the movie --- spoiler ---


it is one of those plastic films that fell far below my expectations. if you are wondering why the dangal is making 300 cr, watch this and its derivative movies and you will understand. there is no sincerity in the movie. can you tell me in which family an indian girl sits next to her family in shorts with wine in her hand? the parts with only srk were good, the rest is garbage. watch if you have a lot of free time.


it is a movie i will watch just for (see: shahrukh khan). because (see: allia bhatt) 's acting is also mediocre like herself. i hope he didn't screw up the movie. the movie is out but it is not clear how long the subtitle will last.


is a shah rukh khan movie that deals with the process of a girl who has some problems in her life, moves to her family and accidentally sees a psychologist's seminar and gets treatment. one of the must watch movies to be a good parent.