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if it is day when you are with you, that day is december 21; if it is night, it is june 21. 23rd september is the 21st march you want to be dear.


it is called the people who love you the most when you are together, who hurt you the most when you leave, who consider you unimportant with their attitude as if you have never experienced anything. it's kind of like a floating currency..


the person with whom you take maximum pleasure from being with, whom you say will never end, whom you are most afraid of breaking, and whom you work hard to make happy, with whom you live a single life..


the person who automatically removes the horny character by his appearance


the first one is in the mind, the old one is in the attachment, the new one is not in the heart, the person who takes a big place in the dreams.


"she has hair that is blacker than the night, her eyes brighter than the stars, her skin is whiter than life, and she has an elegant walk that will make you envy the waters. among the never-fading roses, by the clear pools; the sounds of bulbuls, the scents of jasmine and roses, in cool water chatters; saz chats with her concubines as beautiful as she is." he does and has fun. or sits alone at his window and thinks about me and works the truth." - *


a person who is a meaningful word and makes you live meaninglessly...

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