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i've been going to the gym nonstop for 18 months and doing weight training. before every workout, i watch a video on how to deadlift on video site and go. i'm afraid that wrong posture will cause injury because it's getting old. the day i took the deadlift into my program, i was barely lifting 20 kilos. my weight lifted today is 105. i had a young boy with me. "you're doing it in a legendary way, brother, i haven't come across anyone standing in such a neat form," he said. how happy am i. movement that makes people run from pleasure to pleasure with every weight gain.


i've had this shit for years. since i knew my limit, i did not suffer the slightest injury. but one day, when i was trying to show off 2-3 beautiful girls i saw in the hall, i felt a thin ache in my waist. i have sciatic pain since that day. i think i moved somewhere. if i try to do it a little heavy now, i suffer from sciatica for 2 days. be you and we will be us. did you think i'd be wise? whatever you do with the banana. that's the case.


men's health has a test so you can evaluate your strength. if you can't reach your own weight on one rep during the deadlift: you're weak. if you can lift 1.2 times your own weight: you are average. if you can lift 1.5 times your own weight: you are strong. if you can lift twice your own weight: you are a beast. well done. hehe! "there is no reason to be alive if you can't do deadlift." jón páll sigmarsson (he died of a heart attack while deadlifting at the gym)

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