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to become a postmodern mafia 1- saint nation, martyrs, hayin fetö, the president of the one whose dick i ate, 2- sedat perkere fighting, throwing away, sedat peker's answer goes away 3- video site membership 4-75 six iq also one of these okra-brained sister of our presidency can he say that his power can only be used by the presidency? fuck you all .. that's what i said edit: imla


if "deep" is the currency instead of law, law and justice in the country, it means that the normal citizen has become a slave. disgraced by those who are proud of this status.


the high mountain smokes a lot. sounds like he will say let the smoke disperse.


if nothing will happen to me, i find him very attractive, i would like to have a meal.


if i had a girlfriend, i guess he would beat me every day


woman giving false information. nene hatun fought not in the war of independence, but in the war of 93.


the person at the head of one of the organized profit-oriented criminal organizations that has been wandering around since the country ceased to be a state, threatening someone. sedat pekermis, alahattin cakici imis, this is it, there is no difference.