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davidoff c-line

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as of now, it is 11 liras. it dries the throat, but it is a nice cigarette. the smoke is heavy, the one with the navy blue package. . one drawback that caught my attention is that the paper does not have magnesium lines and it is not a thin paper either. extremely interesting and harmful.


my new favorite after marlboro touch, especially the gray one is very good.


shelter for those fleeing the marlboro hike.


my new student cigarette --- spoiler --- you can find it in a101 (c line blue) --- spoiler --- because it's 9 liras and it tastes good


not very strong cigarette. i'm talking about the navy blue pack.. as the first cigarette of the day, it was nice to me a little bit.. i don't know what will happen with long-term consumption


new cigarette from imperial tobacco's brand davidoff. it is sold in gray and dark blue packages and the price is 9 lira. i smoke the gray package, it has a soft taste. values are tar: 4 mg nicotine: 0.3 mg carbon monoxide: 5 mg dark blue: tar: 6 mg nicotine: 0.5 mg carbon monoxide: 9 mg edit: dark blue package values added

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