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the brand that produces the best quality trousers of the past. the interestingly designed cargo trousers that i bought from the aprido store in carousel in 2000 are still being worn by me, even though we are in 2009, and they do not have even the slightest seam rips, let alone tears or wear.


it is a brand that i can say is the best textile brand in the country in terms of price/performance. it has conquered my heart with its successful product designs and quality materials.


the cafe opened on malatya fahri kayhan boulevard. i've been begging my relatives living in malatya for a long time. there is an incredible potential here. mado is liva. whatever comes to your mind, just come here, no one is listening. does the son of the hand remain subject like a genie, he has glued the place. the slogan is indulge yourself. (see: david people malatya)


a branch will be opened in konya soon. for those who know konya, they put the tarpaulin on the corner of the cloud passage opposite the pasham patisserie in nanalçacı batt Çıkı, and it will probably open after the holiday. it's not that, but what kind of a recipe did i make, i guess not those who know konya, but those who understand konya.


due to the renovation works that were about to open to bestekar, they had stretched a canvas in front of the venue. it says "david people" on it, accompanied by a man in a cowboy hat. since then, it has been on my mind: now, if i open a cafe called "man of david", "people of david" or "david-like people", even the most mature people will laugh in front of it, but when it is foreign, all the botox aunts and uncles flock to it. there is a shampoo called "head and shoulders", not that one. (bkz: head and shoulders)


it was prominent in the the textile market in the early 90's, it was thought of as a foreign brand because of its name, it attracted attention with the "cureful" advertisements they made at that time (does anyone remember the one with sperm illustrations?) brand. then his patience was born sunk, he froze from suicide and so on.. his collection was considered marginal compared to other brands at that time. but it wasn't bad anyway, that's how i remember it..


they have a name and a waiter dress concept as if they are aiming to spread judaism to anatolia.


the place where the hats and hangers worn by the waiters increase the prices by 5-10 tl.