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you finish your seal and ranger trainings and perform above average in delta force auditions and spend your years as a seal as if it wasn't enough, finish ironman and marathons, get in the guinness book of records, get injured many times, but go over it and build them on an infrastructure that can be called a victim, but a squirrel comes to you, a lesson in humility give it. oh goggins brother, you were talking very comfortably. definition fix: he couldn't enter delta force.


he did a new podcast with joe rogan. link: video site/watch?v=bvwb7b8txk8 his book has also been published. there is no kindle version alone. (see: can't hurt me) link: https://www.amazon.com/…e-master-your/dp/1544512287 they also praise the audiobook a lot. as far as i understand, it has become an environment like an extra podcast. edit: there's also a kindle version now. they still praise your audiobook so much.


(see one-punch man)


annoying friend. you can learn a lot by listening to his podcast with joe rogan. his book will be released in december.


(see: jocko willink)


he is not the most durable person in the world, and his ego is an overblown person. there are ultramarathoners who will multiply and divide it with ten. the style of this element is, in my opinion, very disturbing and repulsive. as you can see on instagram, he is an athlete who constantly shouts something, gives life lessons, and thinks he is still in the military. i say it again, there are triathlon athletes who can put up with this man, but they are very modest. so you don't have to be so egotistical just because you've improved yourself so much mada fakaa.

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