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extraterrestrial being that i don't listen to the news about because i don't think it's mortal ground control to david bowie.. can you hear me.. video site/watch?v=d67kmfzsh_o


god. idol. he is the only person who has succeeded in every aspect of art except ballet. some of the rumors that he was the father of jesus, who was the architect of the great wall of china and the taj mahal, whose age was approximately 2348, and that he taught gaudi and william blake.


our veteran brother who made a mess by saying "the only thing we had in common with iman when we got married was that we both slept with mick jagger" in an interview he gave after his marriage.




from the hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy: if you take 1 pair of david bowies and attach one of the david bowies to the top of the other david bowie then attach another david bowie to both ends of the sleeves of the top of the first two david bowies and wrap it in a dirty beach dress what you get is exactly john watson' although not similar to him, those who knew him could find 1 fascinating resemblance between them...