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it also comes with the homepage pure codec. there is also a 64-bit version. for those of you who don't understand the korean language (i'm giving the impression i know, i hope) let me give you a download link. http://get.daum.net/…otplayer/v2/potplayersetup.exe or http://www.dvbsupport.net/…ndex.php?act=view and id=230


crossed video player.. it is really one of the best works i've seen lately. simple, fast, non-straining, feature-rich, practical.. what else can you ask for.. highly recommended sir.. addition: although it cannot be compared to bs.player in subtitles, it is superior in other features..


it is the target that works as fit to window in full screen. aspect ratio -> default (display) (recommended) aspect ratio -> fit to video (recommended) do so


after using kmplayer for years, it is the program that i started using when its developer released this program. a more "agile" video processing ability than kmplayer is immediately recognizable. when you remove kmplayer and coreavc from the system completely and install this program with coreavc again, it seems that the occasional stuttering while reviewing the video in kmplayer by rewinding seems to have come to an end. as a shortcoming, there is no subtitle timing control. or i couldn't find it...


i passed the english support, it is difficult to use because it does not contain any letters from the latin alphabet. i can try again if english support comes out.


it's a really nice player. this is ideal for those who watch movies on the computer. thanks to this, i got rid of the stuttering in 720p videos, i can watch them very comfortably.


the name given to the new kmplayer by the makers of kmplayer.


when you click the add button in the subtitle>subtitle searching window in the preferences, and add the address http://www.turkcealtyazi.org/…php?cat=sub and find=%%ss to the online subtitle subtitle searching section, it will directly search on turkcealtyazi.org from the right-click menu. anyway, it can automatically download subtitles from osdb site, it is practical for subtitles that it cannot find. for those who want a plain theme, you can try the theme i edited at this address and make new adjustments according to the comments.