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it has been mentioned before, but let me say it with another translation: "the hottest places in hell are reserved for those who, in times of moral crisis, preserved their neutrality," said the man. hats off what a word! addendum-- i left it like this because i thought i couldn't give the the equivalent properly, but no, let's try to say this in the by asking you to forgive my possible mistakes: "hell's fiercest fire will burn those who do not rebel, even if there is a moral collapse".


the person whose name is not written on the pedestal of his statue. instead of writing his name, they wrote "italian" (i'm a liar of Ünsal oskay). for liberating italian from the yoke of latin with his divine comedy.


famous italian philosopher. divine comedy is his most famous work. the dante mentioned in cahit sitki taranci's poem when he is thirty-five is this dante. the poet mentions that he is 35, like dante, who went on his divine journey at 35..


an italian poet and writer whose literary importance we cannot deny, although he does not like turks like shakespeare. he entered the list of eternal lovers with his love for a woman named beatrice. "comandai al mio belisar gli armi.."


"that's why we are lost, not for another crime, our only punishment is to live with a hopeless longing" dante-hell