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the place is identified with the giant pelican standing in the middle of the square in spite of the atatürk bust, which i believe escaped from the darica zoo.


it is a district of ours, which has a sea but also a rare military camp that is never entered. that camp would have an atmosphere that many teenagers had their first kiss there. ah camp commander's daughter tugce, aaaahh...


if you go down to the beach, formerly known as dudayev (i don't know the new name), on weekends with your wife and friend with you, you can probably become a murderer. darica, where i lived for almost 15 years, has become, what will it become. on the same beach, a woman, a man, a child, an old man, is that much carrion? is that much cattle can be gathered together? the types that get out of luxury cars and spread out on the beach are just like a small picture of the country.


as of now, while i was drinking tea in the tea gardens in the center, the town ruined me when i saw a pelican on my right... not only that, trying to smuggle cigarettes and lighters from the table next to me with his beak, the young cigarette owner saving his cigarette from the animal's beak. the way he ran "sieee auuga my god's beast" was a different thing. kocaeli province with warm people...


the district whose name should be changed to erzurum volume 2. 25 out of 30 people in the classes i attend are from erzurum..