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he enchanted us again with his new album ko. calla tu is particularly successful.


he is the singer that i was surprised when i first read that he is mexican because i expect him to be a purebred spanish.


mexican-born actor, who played the character of lu in the spanish tv series elite. he also composed the music for the series. instagram imdb


the woman whose make-up i love. it also has a very powerful sound.


mexican actress, singer and model, born in 1995. he took part in many television projects throughout his childhood and adolescence, but i think he made his voice known to the whole world with the character "lu" in the series (see: elite). there are also legendary songs. (bkz: mala fama) is one of his most beautiful songs. if you are a latin music lover, i definitely recommend you to listen to it.


the first season made him hate and the second season loved him. i really like the song mala fama. i have memorized a lot, it feels spanish.


the evil princess of the elite tv series. he is obviously a very caring person in real life https://youtu.be/xd0ixz-agry


i wish he hadn't had rhinoplasty, he is very conspicuous. his eyes and mouth bones are big but his nose is small https://static.qobuz.com/…f98bbc2c1f016fe61b684.jpg https://tr.pinterest.com/pin/346917977522910042/ ester exposito is more beautiful and his her nose looks more characteristic https://www.somanews.com/…03/9a-e1583863489517.jpg