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works with tev in the country. applications start very early (october) before you are accepted, and accept scholarship candidates with a minimum average of 3.00. so you have to score the last goal about the average in the third year or the following summer school.


the organization that allows you to go to summer school in germany, visit a few cultural cities and return to your country without having to reach your pocket.


eng. babaaaaa


an organization that has established a throne in my heart with its student exchange programs and the support they provide to those who want to do a master's in germany.


within the scope of the scholarship to be given to students who want to do a master's degree in germany, high school diploma, certificate of death certificate, student certificate or diploma, transcript, certificate of being able to graduate at the end of the semester, internship documents, if any, job title, if any, application form with certificates, curriculum vitae, statement of purpose and academic advisory service requesting two reference letters.


the institution that i think examines the applications down to the smallest detail. months passed, no sound. it causes panic if they forgot or not.


deutscher akademischer austausch dienst - german academic exchange service - german academic exchange service. http://www.daad.de/

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