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combined with estrofem, it's guaranteed to make you cry in front of the closet every morning before going to work. there will be no jeans, there is no need to force, it is necessary to move directly to leggings and long t-shirts. when even boyfriend jeans are skinny, it is necessary to get up half an hour early for the morning crisis.


although the entries i read scare me, i will start the drug for polycystic ovary. let's see what will happen in my body. when we say let's be piremses, let's not be a pumpkin. addition: i use birth control pills every month and have irregular periods when i don't use them; i only used this pill for 1 month. that day is today, my god. i started to have regular periods without medication. i don't know what it is for others, but it literally brought me back to life. i would like to thank the manufacturer here and kiss their hands.


a drug that caused me to experience the side effects of a drug for the first time in my life. i hope i don't drink more than one can tsk tsk tsk.


the drug that made me feel like a totoro when i started using it. i plan to reach work from the skies of istanbul by inflating a little more every hour and day and taking off at the end of twenty-one days. only if it goes like this, i can make an emergency landing at the doctor's office and ask for an account. i can transform from totoro to hulk. i can come suddenly one night. vb.


in addition to bloating like crazy (not just in the stomach, but all over the body!), i also have a strangely unbearable headache, an unbelievable visual disturbance and nausea in my stomach. in other words, every drug has side effects, but i think that all the side effects written in the package insert of this drug are rarely seen in everyone who uses it. it is also beneficial not to consume alcohol while using it.