cyclic redundancy check

cyclic redundancy check

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the message that evokes the feeling of just throwing the keyboard in the air; chained noun phrase that makes people say that god does not allow anyone to use the windows.


for the type that occurs when copying from hdd to hdd, you can fix most of the files if you chkdsk (or even chkdsk /r) to the hdd. if you need to write in the; right click on which driver is giving an error. follow the properties/tools/bug-checking path from the incoming table and click both boxes to start scanning. also, do not look for other programs for this job. all i was looking for was scanning through windows' error checking again.


(see cyclic redundancy check) (see crc)


xperimental windows error that disappeared if you removed the cd from the drive, hooted a few times and then wiped it on your pajamas.

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