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the seat we used for 3 years. when we got older, we moved to 15-36. the child was more comfortable with the front cushion. also, it is very convenient to be able to turn in all directions.


the car seat that our daughter, who is now 9 months old, started using from the 6th month. the seat we bought as a result of months of research with my wife and we do not regret.


this is the seat that i used for 2 months and regretted that i could not use it. my daughter won't let me install the front bar. i don't know what to do. i did so much security research and paid a lot of money and bought it.


the seat we bought for 2400 liras around 2017, the child sat only once (in text and numbers) during the journey, the price of which was 4700 liras (peak time of the dollar), the guy sold it for 1500 liras. i think the man who bought it called many times and said, "is there such a sucker?" let's get better. if you are going to buy it for the 360 degree rotation feature, try it in your car because in some cars you cannot turn because of the tightness.


the product that sells itself with its 360 degree rotation, we used it for 3 years, we were satisfied.

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