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it's just a form of bloodletting. the name given to the blood collection process done by lightly drawing any part of the body and placing a tube on it... also, it is called hijama in slang... :) it must be the youngest brother of the façade...


it is an ancient treatment method that i have not been able to find scientific criticism of. the result is what it is. what i don't understand is that those who oppose hijama can do it and those who defend it too. i don't understand why they don't do it. i would like to thank that person if anyone who knows about such a research can make me green.


haci ahmet's words with the aegean sea.. hijama master!! (haci ahmet efendi!!! )


it is a primitive and very old treatment method, which i am very curious about, that what is done from the back of the head makes a persistent and resistant migraine resistant to all kinds of drugs pass in 12 days, not too many days, and i wonder what the color and consistency of mucus that comes out of the head is doing in my head. water is also a very old and primitive thing, but it relaxes the mind. as far as i know, wine is not a technology of the last twenty years. unfortunately, the lack of medical studies about it is true.