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he is the person who denied the prime minister's statement that this time, zapsu is my adviser, and those who slander him will be punished. the prime minister denies the premiership. we are an interesting country, my dear.


the grandfather of this person, abdürrahim zapsu, who marketed the rest to the usa due to the tÜsİad and brought in the american capital as well as the islamic capital, is the number two man of the sheikh said rebellion.


his conversation with the sovereign donation has always intrigued me.


his wife is beyza zapsu and his don... -sorry- he is without a turban. he is so donned... -sorry- without a turban that he was in the news for a while because he stood in the front line, among men, with his head uncovered, for prayer (#9002239). this is the man who comes out now and says "don't... -sorry- take off your turban is no different than saying turban... -sorry- take off your turban". when this country gets rid of these and similar men, it will cut an elephant, elephant.


is a traitor


it has not been on the market for a long time. he also served as a consultant to rte for a while. when it is stated in a program that hazelnut prices are very low, there is a saying that "europe prefers peanuts when they are high". i send my deepest love to him from here. also greetings to your aunt. it was written that he was a traitor. absolutely unacceptable. to be a traitor, you must first belong to that country.