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the imaginary country of those who say that they would have a national income of $40,000 per capita if there was no revolution, the national income is $1800 in haiti, which is at the bottom of the usa, and the government is a republic, everything would be like that, of course.


- spoiler with 100 liras, you can buy 500 bottles of havan club rum.


it is a poor country. but his poverty is such a poverty that there is not a single homeless person on its streets. health services are free. it is the first in the world with 0% neonatal mortality rate. they are very successful in cancer treatment to the extent of their possibilities. education is free, literacy rate is high. someone won't get caught with your money that you can't read. there are musicians on the streets, you can listen to free classical music on the street when necessary. people are cultured.