crystal skull

crystal skull

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the condition that occurs when some people's blood carbon ratio increases while they are in the womb. there is crystal accumulation in the baby's head at a rate ranging from 38% to 55%. this causes the skull to glow.


as a result of the current research on it, it was discovered that it was made with modern devices. it was also revealed that the model was made from a model that belongs to a european person, not a south american. mitchell hedges was the first to discover it, not an explorer, but an adventurer. he also lied about where he found it, and managed to keep historians, archaeologists and enthusiasts busy with this cursed skull tale for a long time.


they also call them "devil skulls". it was believed that if you just stare at the eyes for more than 5 minutes, the soul of the person looking will be possessed by the devil. crystal skull


(bkz: the skull of doom)


the feature, which is claimed to be impossible even with today's technology, is that the light given from below without using a mirror or any other reflector is focused only in the eyes and comes out...


fragile skull*.