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crusader kings 2

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it's not strategy, it's sims amk. no sir, my nephew is horny. he said he would like the wife. no, sir, my brother wanted to be a field marshal, but the one who is now a marshal is a godson. no, sir, i took the troops of my vassals on an expedition for a very long time, and they missed their homeland. fuck you. am i not the king? what i say will be the threads! they returned the huge king to the host of the marriage program. we have william the ibis from william the conqueror. no friends, family and business can't be done in this era.


the game is really good. the first thing that caught my eye was the very limited diplomacy. the limitation of certain options of the spy, on the other hand, was appropriate. even if you have an army of 50000 men, you cannot create a spy waist and declare war on your ass. this is beautiful. the most difficult thing for me was to keep good relations with my vassals. when the lands expand to 5-6 cities, a definite rebellion follows. i also treat my vassals like human beings. should we be bastard kings, so what? (bkz: vassals prefer bastard king over lord king)